Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End--The Beginning

A little over sixteen months ago a little girl was born into our family.  We were CHOSEN to be her parents just five and a half weeks later.  All the hurt and pain up until that point slipped away.  We were hers, she was ours.  Simple right?  I wish. 

 In July of 2010 we got some news that put our finalization in jeopardy.  

**Disclaimer**  I have struggled back and forth with sharing/not sharing what legal trouble has gone on.  In the end, I decided that this is C's story and SHE may not want the world to know her business, so that's that. 

We have endured trial dates, lawyer fees, heartache, etc...  All because we are hers and she is ours.  What ever needed to be done for C would be.  HER best interest was always number one.  On Friday, May 20, 2011, C officially became our daughter.  Now I can rest easy.  My daughter is right where she belongs.  Home.

16 Months!

On Tuesday, May 16th I turned 16 months old!  I got to stay home until the late morning with dad, played hard at daycare and ran errands with mommy.  I am getting so big!

Updates are getting hard because I am doing soooo much!
  • Talking up a storm!  To many words to count!  I try to repeat everything.
  • I use the potty before bath time!  I enjoy flushing :)
  • I am becoming a picky little eater
  • I have 12 teeth now--it hasn't been fun getting them :(
  • I do motions to songs (Wheels on the Bus, Happy and You Know It etc)
  • BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!!!  love them :)
  • I finished water baby 1, I'm ready for summer!
  • CLIMBER alert!
  • Terrible Two alert (only when I don't get what I want, when I want!)
  • I freakin' LOVE my gramma! 
  • Weight?
  • Height?
  • Personality---Hilarious!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Working Mom

I am sure this post will piss a number of people off.  But guess what?  This is MY blog and I get to say what I want! Ha!

I always knew I would be a working mom.  For two main reasons. 1) I have a passion for teaching.  A love that has to be filled.  It brings me honor and joy to do what I do. 2) I have that right.  Women have been working hard in the last 30 years to allow my generation to be equal to men in the work force.  I feel like it is a responsibility I have to these women to have a career. 

Stay at home mom vs The working mom:
This debate has and will go on FOREVER.  But teachers get to see both sides.  Work for 9 months, stay home for 3.  While I will agree staying home is "work", it's just not the same "work".  Working mom's spend X amount of time doing a job and then do the same job a SAHM does afterward.....the cooking, cleaning, laundry...etc.  It is HARD! 

I respect each families choice of working or staying home.  For our family,  two working parents suits us best.  It meets our families wants, needs, plans, goals, desires...etc.

I love that I get to do what I want to do. It fulfills me.  I am a working mom that gets to stay home for three months a year!