Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Little Fishy

We have a pool..It's a love-hate relationship. 

Reasons for love:
  1. Texas is HOT
  2. Free entertainment
  3. Playdates with Friends
  4. It's pretty
  5. Less grass to mow :)
Reasons for hate:
  1. It gets dirty
  2. Water is a C magnet
 We are getting a new deck that is C proof, but you just never know.  So we decided swim lessons would give us SOME peace of mind.  Well, not really, but she looks CUTE in a swimsuit!

Back Float

First Day-Loved the slide!


15 Months Old!

I am SO mad at myself.  On April 17, 2011 when C turned 15 months old, she looked so cute!  And I FORGOT to take her picture.  It was a good run, 14 months and never forgetting, but it had to happen and it did :(  Here is C the day before she turned 15 months!

On 4/17/11 she went to her swim lessons (and did AWESOME), she is a little fish!  After a nice L-O-N-G nap we loaded up and headed to the zoo.  After the zoo we ate yummy hamburgers with Gramma and Grand-Paul!  What a super-fun day!

  • Loves to play ring-around-the-rosie
  • Joins in on songs and finger plays
  • Says so many words and imitated most
  • Signs more, all done and eat
  • Trying to run
  • Is a CLIMBER--Big time!
  • Feeds self with a spoon (very messy still) and started stabing food with a fork
  • Wants to read books, books and more books!
  • Tries to do everything everyone else does (vacuum, sweep, wash her hair, open and close doors etc.)
  • Such a HELPER!  Throws away trash, cleans up, tells the dogs "no" when they bark!
She is at such a FUN age! 

Kissing a goat!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

I never knew my heart could love someone so much.